10 Fast Facts About Troy University

Facts About Troy University

The home of the Trojans now spans three centuries of schooling, a feat in its own right. In that time, the school has amassed accolades, shifted roles, and even seen its fair share of name changes. These facts about Troy University may pique your interest—or even impress!

Educating is in its roots.

When Troy University first opened in 1887, it taught teachers how to teach. It was founded as Troy State Normal School.

It’s been through some name changes.  

Troy University has been renamed four times, with its current moniker being the fifth. Troy University was originally Troy State Normal School. In 1929, the name changed to Troy State Teachers College. After that, it became Troy State College. It underwent another name change in 1967 to Troy State University. Troy shed “State” from its name in 2004.

Troy educates across Alabama.  

Four campuses fall under the Troy University system in Alabama. There’s the flagship university in Troy, along with satellite campuses in Montgomery, Phenix City, and Dothan.

Troy’s international.

Troy University boasts seven sites in the U.S., along with affiliates in Japan and Korea and partnering universities in Malaysia and Vietnam.

It’s a multilingual university.

At Troy University, faculty, staff, and students speak nearly 90 different languages from around the world.

Diversity lives there.

Troy University has more than 700 international students enrolled from more than 65 countries.

It has worldwide reach.

Facts about Troy University don’t end after commencement. Across the globe, Troy University touts 65 alumni chapters and more than 160,000 members. China, Russia, and Vietnam all have members in the Troy alumni network.

Troy’s widely accredited.

From associate all the way to doctoral degrees, Troy is accredited to award diplomas upon program completion. Even education specialist degrees fall under its accreditation.

 The institution’s economic presence is felt.

Troy University’s economic impact comes to a total of 1.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Enrollment is increasing.

Current enrollment hovers at approximately 17,000 students. Comparatively, the 2017–2018 school year saw an approximate enrollment of 13,600.


The home of the Trojans holds a fascinating past and plenty of promise, as these facts about Troy University show. The university is home to South Alabamians of many stripes, an impressive alumni network, and more.

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