Local Spotlight: Troy Animal Rescue Project

Troy Animal Rescue Projects

We can all do something to improve the world. The Troy Animal Rescue Project is one local organization that has worked hard to help our community—and its cutest critter residents. Whether you’re hoping to adopt a pet, you want to give back, or maybe a bit of both, read on to learn more about this incredible non-profit.

What is the Troy Animal Rescue Project?

The Troy Animal Rescue Project strives to help the lives of animals, like cats, dogs, and even lizards. This non-profit, no-kill organization has worked in the area for several years, beginning in 2014. They give their animals a new chance at life each and every day!

How can I help the Troy Animal Rescue Project?

The Troy Animal Rescue Project saves the lives of animals. They also need our help too! Though they operate with the help of volunteers, taking care of animals can get expensive. That means they could greatly benefit from your contributions. Some of the ways to assist them include:

  • Making monetary donations;
  • Volunteering;
  • Fostering animals; and
  • Adopting a pet!

What is required to adopt a pet from the Troy Animal Rescue Project?

There are five things you must have done before you can officially adopt a pet from this organization. They are:

  • Filling out an adoption application form;
  • Passing a home inspection;
  • Receiving landlord approval;
  • Getting a veterinarian reference; and
  • Paying $50 for your pet.

See all the adorable animals up for adoption here. We won’t blame you if you want to take one of them home! You can even apply for an adoption on their site here too.

Visiting Details

You can visit the Troy Alabama Animal Rescue Project daily from 1 to 3 p.m. or make an appointment for a different time. It’s located at 34 County Road 2266.

Can I have pets at Troy Alabama Apartment Homes?

Yes! We’re pet-friendly. Apartments may house up to two pets. Just make sure that you get our approval and pay your one-time pet deposit first. Thank you!


Pets make our lives brighter and happier. You could also make a life-changing difference for an animal from the Troy Animal Rescue Project. We’ll welcome your pet too!

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