In the News: Golden Boy Foods Expansion in Troy

Golden Boy Foods Expansion in Troy

This news doesn’t have a silver lining—it has a gold one! Back in November, Alabama’s governor, Kay Ivey, shared that Golden Boy Foods is nurturing its roots in our hometown. The company plans bring even more business and jobs to town—and soon.  Read on to find out all the details about the upcoming Golden Boy Foods expansion in Troy, AL.

What is Golden Boy Foods?

If you like dried fruit, trail mix, or nut butters, you may already be a fan of Golden Boy Foods! Their products are good for baking, snacking, and eating healthy. And now, they’re about to be enrich the soil of our hometown even further.

More on the Golden Boy Foods Expansion in Troy

A hustling, bustling business center spells success for everyone. Already, many people have enjoyed fulfilling careers at the Golden Boy Foods plant, which has operated in town since 2011. The plant is already on the heels of a 2016 expansion, but the progress doesn’t end there.

Now, thanks to the upcoming Golden Boy Foods expansion in Troy, AL, our local economy is about to get a big boost. Not only is this deal projected to bring in $13.3 million just to start, but it will also infuse 63 job openings into the workforce. That means the plant will be bigger and better than ever! As of now, the expansion is slated to begin in late spring of 2021—just a few months away.

All in all, this is a golden opportunity—so to speak—for those living in our city. The expansion will bring work to contractors, builders, factory workers, and more, which will in turn stimulate our economy. They say that you have to spend money to make money—and everyone in town will soon be able to see the benefits of this upcoming development.


We’re going nuts over the Golden Boy Foods expansion in Troy, AL. And why wouldn’t we be, considering all the great jobs, revenue, and opportunities it will bring to our town? Here’s to hoping for a very successful 2021!

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