Things to Do: A Self-Guided Statue Tour at Troy University

a self-guided statue tour at Troy University

March into the next month by doing something different. Put on your walking shoes. Fill up a water bottle. Make sure your phone is charged and take a self-guided statue tour at Troy University.

The self-guided tour

There are eight main statues scattered across Troy University’s beautiful campus. Technically, you can start your self-guided tour anywhere, but if you follow the map numerically, you will start near the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park and the International Arts Center.

Here you will find 200 permanently displayed Terracotta Warriors created by the late Dr. Huo Bao Zhu from Xi’an, China. Created in the likeness of the original Terracotta Army buried with China’s first emperor, the Warriors at Troy are complimented by an interactive exhibit at the arts center.

Next up on a self-guided statue tour at Troy University is the Violata Pax (Wounded Peace) Dove. The dove serves as a reminder of “beauty and peace, sorrow and tragedy.” From there, make your way toward Long Hall off University Avenue, where you will find the Music Man statue.

The tour continues

Then you will spot the black and gold towering 30th anniversary clock in front of Smith Hall, which is dedicated to Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., chancellor of Troy University. Fifth on the tour is a crowning campus jewel—Hector and the fountain. It is a Trojan soldier, poised high above the fountain, which is centrally located in the main quad.

As a self-guided statue tour at Troy University continues, it’s the perfect time to think as you gaze upon a replica of The Thinker. It’s located near Hawkins Hall, just off University Avenue.

Statues seven and eight round out the tour. The Globe Fountain in front of the International Student Center is a fitting welcome. And, last but not least, is the Troy University World Fountain, which is a unique focal point in the Social Squad.


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