5 Traditions from Troy University

Traditions from Troy University

Colleges and traditions go hand in hand. Sometimes colleges forge traditions as a kind of good luck charm. Other times they start by happenstance. No matter their origins, college traditions are part of the college experience for many—and help to build a broader sense of community and comradery within the university itself. Here are a few traditions from Troy University.

Fountain Jump

Being a freshman is tough. Adjusting to college life, including increased responsibilities and the grueling final exam week, can be a daunting proposition. As a result, after their final exams, Troy University freshmen embrace one of the signature traditions from Troy University: The Fountain Jump. While administrators discourage the practice of actually jumping in the fountain, many freshmen at Troy University enjoy this tradition of celebrating the end of final season.

The Kissing Rock

One of the more romantic traditions from Troy University, The Kissing Rock promises young couples a long-lasting union. If couples share a kiss at this rock located between the McCartha and Bibb Graves buildings, the couples’ relationship will supposedly be a long and happy one. A 1987 Troy University yearbook commemorates one of these kissing moments, with a couple sharing a touching story of their love.

Good Luck Memorial Plaque

According to local lore, the Good Luck Memorial Plaque contains special powers. The luckiest of traditions from Troy University, the plaque offers good luck to those who rub their noses on it. The Good Luck Memorial Plaque commemorates Foy Ingram Cummings. Cummings was a former professor at Troy University in Psychology and Education who both students and faculty loved. The plaque, which depicts her grandchildren and a statement that reads, “Her love was her children,” illustrates why they adorned her. Good luck comes to students who rub their noses on one of the children’s noses on the plaque.

Touchdown Fight Song

Touchdown fight songs are a common tradition at many colleges and university, and this extends to Troy University as well. Trojan pride is strong at Troy, and victory goes hand-in-hand with song. College students can easily get engrossed in the action, especially when their team scores six points to take the lead.

Making Their Own

While Troy University does not have any officially-sanctioned school traditions, students have no problem making up their own.  For instance, each incoming class, or line of classes, carries its own traditions, customs, and culture at Troy. That’s just part of what makes being a student at Troy University special.


Troy University is a college imbued with traditions—and a vibrant student body willing to respect these traditions and even forge their own. If you’re looking to attend Troy for whatever reason and need somewhere to call home, we’ve got you covered. Let us make living at Troy that much easier. Visit our website for more about our floor plans, amenities, and offerings for our residents. We’re sure we can make your stay worthwhile!

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