7 Reasons for Students to Choose Troy Alabama Apartment Homes

reasons for students to choose Troy Alabama Apartment Homes

August is here—and with it comes a new semester at Troy University. That means students have come back into town, ready to learn. It can be stressful for both young scholars and their parents to find simple, economical apartments. If you’re currently searching, we have openings! We also have several great reasons for students to choose Troy Alabama Apartment Homes. Read on to learn why our apartments can suit the demands of a collegiate lifestyle.

We’re Affordable

Books, tuition, school supplies—they can all add up. Our affordable prices will help you stretch your budget, giving you peace of mind as you get down to learning.

We Have On-Site Laundry Facilities

Taking your laundry to a laundromat can interrupt the flow of your day. It can also take away some much-needed studying time. Fortunately, we have on-site laundry facilities, so that you can concentrate on your schoolwork.

Everyone Can Save with Our Specials and Deals

We occasionally run specials and deals, such as waiving application fees and reduced deposits. That means extra money for groceries, books, and more. See our Facebook page to learn more about the offers we’re running right now.

You Can Walk to and from Campus

No need to keep a car gassed up and no need to worry about finding a ride! Students can easily walk to and from campus when they live at Troy Alabama Apartment Homes.

Our Apartments Are on the Troy University Shuttle Route

Dealing with heavy backpacks or hot weather? You can also take a bus home! After all, another one of the reasons for students to choose Troy Alabama Apartment Homes is our spot on the Troy University shuttle routes. They run from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can find our apartments on the blue route.

Some Utilities Are Included

Troy Alabama Apartment Homes wants to simplify your life—and help you save at the same time too. We include certain utilities, like pest control, expanded cable, and garbage. That way, you can focus on your studies instead of all the little details of everyday living.

Parents and Students Can Pay Rent Online

Are you a busy student who can’t always stop by the office to pay rent? Or are you a parent from out-of-town helping your scholar with his or her monthly payments? Either way, you can quickly pay rent online in just a few minutes. Now that’s convenient!


Now that you know the many reasons for students to choose Troy Alabama Apartment Homes, it’s time to take the next step—sending in an application. Whether you’re a parent or a student, we make the process nice and easy. See our floorplans and application info here. You can also check out our blog to learn more about life in town too!