Troy University Rankings: 10 Notable Titles

Troy University Rankings: 10 Notable Titles

While it might be easy for the students, faculty, alumni, and residents of Troy to quickly list off more than 10 noteworthy things about Troy University, there are many who will be pleasantly surprised to find out more about this growing university. Without further ado, counting down from 10, here are Troy University Rankings: 10 Notable Titles:

Troy University Rankings: 10 Notable Titles


The ranked Troy 6th in its “20 Best Affordable Public Universities with an Online Masters Human Resource Management 2020” rankings.


Troy University’s Risk Management and Insurance Program ranked 18th in the A.M. Best Company’s list of top 20 RMI programs in the country. “Best Review” gathered responses from more than 330 industry professionals to determine which RMI programs were doing the best job in preparing students for careers in the industry.


The ranked Troy 24th in its “Top 60 Military Friendly Colleges” for its 2020 rankings.


In 2019, the SR Education Group ranked Troy 7th in its “2020 Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Alabama” and 11th in its “2020 Most Affordable Online Doctoral Degrees” listings.


Again, listed Troy University in its “Best Master’s in Sports Management Degree Programs” for 2020.


Troy University was included in the “60 Best Online Colleges” rankings on


The The Princeton Review ranked Troy among the best colleges and universities in the Southeast for the 16th consecutive year.


Several of Troy’s online degree programs were recognized in U.S. News and World Report’s “2020 Best Online Programs” rankings. To highlight a few: 14th (tie) in “Best Online Master’s in Nursing Program;” 6th (tie) in “Best Online Master’s in Nursing Program for Veterans;” 89th (tie) in “Best Online Master’s in Education Program;” and 52nd (tie) in “Best Online Bachelor’s Program.”


The U.S. News and World Report 2021 edition ranked Troy University as #51 in its list of Best Colleges, Regional Universities South.


And finally, the College Ranker has named the City of Troy in its “50 Best College Towns to Live in Forever” rankings!

What’s not to love?

Troy University is nestled on more than 1,200 acres and is clearly an award-winning university. It is also recognized as one of the most affordable schools for various programs and degrees. It has always prided itself as being a pioneer in online education. As a result, Troy University is recognized as leader in the field.


The town of Troy is a great place to call home because of the many reasons noted in Troy University Rankings: 10 Notable Titles. There are additional awards and rankings that are a source of pride for Troy and worth checking out! And if you are ready to make a move, consider jump starting your new phase by visiting or contacting Troy Apartment Homes.