Now Open: Daily Dose Nutrition on The Square

Daily Dose Nutrition on The Square

Have you ever asked yourself how much vitamin C you should actually be getting each day? What about vitamins B, D and E? Now, you can have your questions answered and more with a visit to Daily Dose Nutrition on The Square.

About Daily Dose Nutrition

Daily Dose Nutrition on The Square is ready to be your new healthy headquarters in downtown Troy! A look through Daily Dose Nutrition’s Facebook page shows just how much store owner Kaitlyn Richardson loves nutrition and healthy energy sources.

According to reports, one of her goals at Daily Dose Nutrition is to be more than a one-stop shop for all things nutrition. She also wants the shop to become a resource where inquisitive customers can stop by to ask questions or get a free wellness evaluation, for instance.

And while you are there, it’s the perfect time for a natural energy boost with a nutrition-based shake, tea, coffee or other specialty beverage.

More about the nutrition shop

Beyond healthy beverages, energy boosts and healthy snacks, Daily Dose Nutrition offers services such as meal planning and health coaching as well. For a daily dose of inspiration, nutrition reminders and rotating specials, be sure to connect with Daily Dose on Facebook!

In July, for example, Daily Dose introduced new monthly features, including “Shake of the Month,” “Tea Bombs of the Month” and “Mega Tea of the Month.” So, a must-try this July would be one, or both, of the monthly shakes.

First, there’s the “Zebra Cake,” which is a creamy, yet light, blend of chocolate and vanilla that will “take you back to your childhood.” The other option is “Fat Reducer Peanut Butter Perfection.” It’s a balance of sweet and salty with a hint of cream that peanut butter lovers will go nuts for!


Daily Dose Nutrition on The Square is located at 78 N. Court Square, which means it is less than a mile from Troy Alabama Apartment Homes. That means you can get your daily dose of nutrition after about a three-minute drive!


After you stop and shop at downtown’s new nutrition base, you can head back to the comfort of your apartment and indulge in a new tea from your Daily Dose “Summer Tea Kit.” Keep reading our blogs during tea time for more community news!