On Campus: Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum Reopened

Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum reopened

Are you searching for an interesting day trip that is both enlightening and inspiring? You are in luck! Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum reopened last week after several technology improvements were completed. 

About Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum reopening

Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum reopened on Monday, January 15th, which happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The museum closed in November 2023 to undertake the project of converting all analog technology to digital, high definition. 

What’s more, a video reenactment of the scene that unfolded on a Montgomery city bus that led to Mrs. Park’s arrest on December 1, 1955, was entirely reproduced. According to reports, this is the first major upgrade since the museum opened in 2000. And this is just the beginning!

More about the museum

Overall, the improvements aimed to enhance the visitor’s experience and create easier guest interactions during the visit. The initial technology project was phase one for the museum. Additional improvements will spotlight the roles that women and local churches played in the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 

The museum, which opened in December 2000 on Troy University’s Montgomery campus, is where Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955. The museum educates future generations about the life and legacy of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Built on the site of the former Empire Theater, the museum is a yearly draw for tourists from all over the nation and the world and has emerged as a significant landmark in the rebuilding of downtown Montgomery.


Now that Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum reopened to the public, visitors are welcome to experience the improvements and more at the Montgomery campus, located at 252 Montgomery St. To check out the Children’s Wing, head to 220 Montgomery St. 

Be sure to find the Rosa Park Museum on Facebook to keep up with the museum’s latest news, hours and more. 


Plan a day trip from Troy Alabama Apartment Homes and make plans to explore the Rosa Parks Museum and other historic attractions in the capital city. The museum is about 51 miles away, so that’s about an hour’s drive from us. Keep reading our blogs for more community news, events and local spotlights.