In the News: Troy’s Tree Campus Higher Education Designation

Troy's Tree Campus Higher Education designation

We’re not just the hometown of the Trojans! We’re also the town of the trees. Join us in congratulating Troy University on Troy’s Tree Campus Higher Education designation. First, though, let us tell you just what that means—and how they earned it from the Arbor Day Foundation.

About the designation

Troy University didn’t just earn this special designation. They earned it four times—once per campus! Created by the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation, the Time for Trees initiative has reshaped campuses nationwide. Troy’s Tree Campus Higher Education designation is included in the ranks too.

Its main goal? Ensuring a happy, healthy earth by encouraging campuses to plant trees. Just last year alone, this group put a collective 39,178 trees in the ground. And, as a fun fact, only 13 colleges in the whole country can say that they’ve reached this achievement.

How Troy earned the designation

You may have noticed that Troy University looks a whole lot greener! With assistance, funding, and guidance from the Arbor Day Foundation, the college has planted tons of new trees. They also hosted tree-planting ceremonies and corresponding activities as well.

However, the mission doesn’t stop there! Troy University also has worked on making the area more sustainable, as well as spreading the word on conservational actions. That way, people can enjoy living in town for many years into the future.

More on the Arbor Day Foundation

Trees don’t just look beautiful. They also ensure that we can breathe freely, adding fresh oxygen to the air. The Arbor Day Foundation has recognized this important phenomenon since their founding in 1972.

In the decades following, they’ve strived to ensure that we protect our trees—and plant new ones. According to estimates, their efforts have yielded an additional 350 million trees, worldwide.


Giving back truly does start at home. It also bears sweet fruits—like the news of on Troy’s Tree Campus Higher Education designation. We can’t wait to watch as our city reaps the benefits!

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