In the News: High Rankings for Troy’s Online Programs

high rankings for Troy's online programs

College isn’t just about the campus. The resources and the learning programs matter deeply too! Though many Troy University students have spent the past few semesters attending class from their apartment desks, they’ve benefited from quality instruction. Recently, U.S. News and World Report researched and compared online learning programs across the U.S.A. Their findings revealed high rankings for Troy’s online programs.

More on the “2021 Best Online Programs”

With all colleges going virtual in some capacity, it must have taken a while for U.S. News and World Report to narrow down the “2021 Best Online Programs.” During the process, they focused on several angles. Their research explored accredited universities which offered degrees. It included focuses like:

  • Technology;
  • Student engagement;
  • Faculty credentials;
  • Distancing-learning specific practices;
  • And more.

Major-Based Rankings

As U.S. News and World Report compiled their list of the “2021 Best Online Programs,” Troy University appeared multiple times. The report recognized the following programs, divided into overall and veterans sections:

  • Business (Excluding MBA), which scored 68th place for its Master’s degree, 46th overall, and 31st for veterans;
  • Nursing (Master’s), which earned spot 32 overall;
  • Criminal Justice (Master’s), which stood at number 26 for overall and 15 for veterans;
  • Education (Master’s), which received spot 156;
  • And more.

See the full ranking list here.

Overall Rankings

Additionally, Troy University received a couple more honors! The first declared that the school was the 50th “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans.” As for the second, it named Troy as number 75 in the “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.”

What does that mean for Troy University students?

We all want to stay safe. The current pandemic—not to mention the regular challenges of everyday life—can make going back to school stressful. However, knowing about the high rankings for Troy’s online programs makes a significant difference. After all, their degrees come designed for successful online learning. Access to those opportunities also can positively impact the local community and economy. Ultimately, with their flexible schedules and quality resources, these programs can provide a better foundation for the future.

The Next Semester

Registration for the next term began two days ago! So, if you want to apply for Troy University, no time is better than the present. Get started here!


Congratulations, Troy University! Your students, past, present, and future, will learn great lessons from their time in your halls—or on your website.

Whether you’ve gotten acquainted with Zoom over the past year or you’d like to start learning online, you have a great option: Troy University. Considering the high rankings for Troy’s online programs, you can expect a quality education.

More good news: you can learn anywhere—like one of our affordable apartments. Learn more about Troy Alabama Apartment Homes on our site. Plus, keep your mind sharp and read up on local news here.